The World Famous Chicken Hat
Available in a wide variety of colors. All hats come standard with Red Combs and Wattles. Color of the legs always matches the color of the beak. Made of high quality felt and real feathers.

One Size Fits All
Elastic band stretches to fit all size heads.
Big head or small, one size pecks all!

All Hats $10.00 each
Call 817-690-3469 to order

"Original Recipe"


"The Cocky American"


"Patriotic Pecker"

"Bengal Bird I"

"The Green Bay Pecker"

"Bengal Bird II"


Plus many more colors!
Call for availability

The Camo Clucker - Camouflage 
The Ohio State Cluckeye - Red w/ white feathers & silver legs 
Steeler Bird - Black w/ yellow feathers  
Purple w/ white feathers & white legs
The Cleveland Clucker - Brown w/ white feathers  
Red w/ yellow feathers
The Bronco Bird - Blue w/ orange feathers - 
Light blue w/ white feathers and white legs